Top 10 Health Benefits of Bee Propolis

There is a bee resin which the bee uses as a precautionary or protective measure to keep away fungi and microbes from their hive and also seal small gaps or cracks in their hives. This bee-produced substance is called PROPOLIS. It is a mixture of resin from trees and a little bit of honey; recently it has been discovered to have health, healing and therapeutic uses and benefits. Below are the top 10 health benefits of bee- propolis:

  1. Propolis protect against bacterial infections

The bee-propolis anti-bacteria capabilities have been very effective in curing infections and eliminating powerful germs even more than calcium, curing colds and different flu. Propolis has remained a very powerful protective measure against aggressive bacteria and several contagious microbes because it has been found to contain a spectrum of flavonoids.

  1. Protection against ear and nail infection

Caffeic acid phenethyl ester a compound found in propolis has been very effective in curing inner ear inflammation, which is a disease that has been affecting millions of children each year and adults alike.

Propolis curative effect against fungal nail infection has a even more range of protection than most pharmaceutical products which couldn’t protect against about seven resistant fungi.

  1. It protect and improves the immune system

A dangerous and powerful fungus called Candida albicians can greatly deplete the protective power of the immune system ,but with the addition of propolis the growth of that fungus is inhibited and the immune system is greatly stimulated to respond to Candida infections.

  1. It control and regulates blood pressure

Propolis reduces TH in turn reduce blood pressure and reduce hypertension hence lowering blood pressure

  1. It control and stabilizes blood sugar

 Millions of children and adults alike are affected by diabetes which is often cured using lifelong curative measures. Recent studies have it that propolis has an inhibiting enzymes that increase blood sugar and stabilizing benefits.

  1.  Protective and curative effect against cancer cells

Propolis has been found to have a curative effective on cancerous cells, prostate cancers in men and anti-microbial potential of all cancer related issues.

  1. Propolis protect against heat stress and improves performance

It contains antioxidants which reduces stress and improve health and performance during exercise. It also reduces fatigue which is cause by heat stress during exercises.

  1. Propolis protects against bone disease

It helps to maintain the bone tissues, and it has also been found out to be a curative measure for different bone disease like osteolytic, osteoporosis which is bone wasting diseases.

  1. Propolis offer dental protection

Recent findings have it that propolis has same function as fluoride. The oral health in the dental world has been improved greatly since the exposure to propolis which is a natural alternative to fluoride.

  1. Protection against minor burns

As recent findings and discoveries have it propolis is now as effective as a common prescribed cream in incidents of burns, it even has a more soothing effect than the convection medication.

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