The 10 Common Reasons for Divorce


Marriage is a great part of our life, but unfortunately, not all marriages last forever. But what you then forget is that no marriage is the same and people get divorced for different reasons. No one is the same, no relationship is the same, and the fact that others can’t make it doesn’t mean you can’t make it either. If you’re wondering why many thousands of couples divorce each year and what causes these people to end their marriage, these are the causes most often mentioned as reasons for divorce.

1. Tired of each other

Imagine: you have been with someone since you were 15 years old, and while you have now completed your college degree at the age of 25, after ten years, your lover still works behind the counter at the local supermarket. Thanks to your education, the experience you have gained, and your personal growth, you are different from ten years ago. And you notice this difference in many ways. The conversations are difficult, everything has become routine, and the rut is there: after many years, you are tired of each other. This rank as the primary cause of divorce in most relationships.

2. No more trust

Many couples lose confidence in the relationship in the long run. Daily quarrels and recurring disagreements: they make you unable to live a happy life. Constant whining over silly topics causes you to lose interest in the relationship. And lack of trust is frequently mentioned reasons for a divorce. Little by little, the relationship is devoured by jealousy because one of the partners does not trust the other. Or one has lied so many times that the other no longer believes anything.

3. Characters collide

An important reason why people get divorced is that their characters collide. This is because most relationships start with infatuation. Suddenly you see more and more the other person’s flaws, and you find out there is a mismatch on a personal level that spells doom over the relationship. What’s more, you’ve come to realize that you don’t have enough in common anymore to stay together.

4. Communication problems

To build a strong and healthy foundation, you must communicate sufficiently and well with each other. And that’s more than just a little talk. How do you solve problems together? What do you do to understand your partner more? These are the questions that matter if you want to learn to communicate better within your relationship. If neither of them makes an effort and doesn’t listen to the other, they don’t feel heard or respected. It leads to quarrels and conflicts that lead to relationship problems, because you end up in the vicious circle, without a solution to get out of it.

5. Someone else in the game

No one love to be cheated on in a relationship. If you are married, become entangled in an extramarital relationship, and get caught, it is evident that your marriage will end in divorce. Infidelity means a breach of trust, a breach that is difficult or impossible to bond.

6. Different plans for the future

You put everything into your career; your partner wants a stay at home mom. It is an extreme example of one of the reasons why people get divorced: incompatible plans. When two people get married, they are expected to have a shared vision of their future, dreams, and interests. However, this is not the case for marriages we have today. Some couples marry with unrealistic expectations and feel disappointed or deceived afterward. It may be the desire to have children, where one does not want a child to interrupt their career. And if one of them does not give in, this can lead to a divorce.

7. Social and cultural differences

We all come from different cultural backgrounds. These differences between people can cause a lot of difference in perception and behavior.  It’s not only about the American who marries a Chinese person, but also about the different norms and values, rituals, opinions, and beliefs. For example, as a woman, you can be high up on the social ladder, have prestige, and a decent salary. However, the male earns a minimum wage.  This can cause a lot of rift in the relationship, which can eventually lead to a divorce.

8. Health problems

Although you may not think about it when you are young, health problems can cause relationship problems. As you age, you are more prone to have health challenges. Psychological disorders, physical limitations; no one hopes to experience them, but almost no one escapes them. So your partner can become seriously ill, or one of your wards is a sickle cell patient. This is when commitment means more than love in a marriage, not every marriage can withstand such health problems.

9. Finance and money problems

Whether it’s financial goals, a proverbial hole in the hand, or partner had a huge secret debt before marriage: quarrels and conflicts over money occur in many relationships. And because money is more important than ever to be able to live the way you want, discussions about finance can get pretty out of hand. It can even go so far that a couple is no longer able to compromise. They become stressed by the payment problems and become bitter towards each other. Differences about expenses and spending can lead to a divorce because the marriage collapses under the pressure of the finances.

10. No or bad sex life

Sexual intimacy plays a crucial role in almost every relationship. You could almost say that if it’s satisfying in the bedroom, it will be beautiful outside. But if the sex life is not satisfactory, then the problems arise. No sex life or a sexless relationship is an essential reason for dissatisfaction within the relationship. You miss the affection; you feel unloved and perhaps not even appreciated: sexual problems are sometimes the cause of a divorce, which, more often than not, an underlying reason. Because if, for example, you are tired of each other, this also affects your need for sex.

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