15 Foods That Fight Inflammation

Inflammation can be defined as the response of body’s tissues upon the damage of cells. Some consider that inflammation is the basic root of all diseases like diabetes’s, headache, heart disease and cancer. Inflammation is also a very important for human body but at specified level, after passing its limit it can damage our body’s tissues as well it causes by major disease. Those foods which have very high sugar help inflammation to grow up. If we all know the consequences of inflammation then why shouldn’t try our best to prevent from it? By consuming some special foods there are more chances to stop inflammation and to make a healthy life. We are sharing some best foods with you that fight against inflammation and make human body healthy.

1. Beets


Beets are being considered as the main source of phytonutrients. The proper consumption of beets may help in anti-inflammation. Beets are not only anti-inflammation but also antioxidant. Most of the people use them as salad and some as pickle. This is useful in both ways. Beets stop the heart disease and reduce the birth conflicts. Also those ones who have optimal problems can reduce it by making beets as their regular diet.

2. Pineapple


When we listen the word “pineapple only one thing comes into mind which is pineapple cake. Pineapple is not only famous for its taste and unique look but also for its health benefits. This unique food fight with inflammation by stopping blood platelets to sticking together we know this is also one of the main reasons of heart attack. Pineapple has storage of vitamin C and manganese’s

3. Fishes


The fish is one of the main sources to get high energy. Most body builders make fish as their regular diet to enhance their energy and muscles. This is true that fish makes human body strong and this is also true that fatty fish is helpful to prevent much kind of diseases like inflammation. In a recent study which took place in Hawaii it showed that those who use fish regularly boiled or baked are 23% more safe from heart disease and inflammation as compare to those who eat very less.

4. Soy


It doesn’t matter either you like soy or not. Soy is a very delicious vegetable but some hate they and some don’t know the exact benefits of soy. Those women who are affected by inflammation should try soy, because soy is more beneficial for women than man. Soy is the army of solders and they fight with inflammation and many other harmful diseases.

5. Nuts


While thinking about the inflammation fighting foods don’t ever forget about nuts.  Nuts are a source of vitamin E and calcium, these dry fruits is also helps to repair the damaged cells of body due to inflammation.  All nuts can warm up human body in seconds and much more consumption of nuts isn’t useful for body.

6. Chocolates


The main ingredient of chocolate is butter so chocolate is as much beneficial for health as butter and milk even more powerful than all. Some believe that their teeth may be affected by chocolate this is why they don’t prefer to eat chocolate but ignoring all these things can prevent you from inflammation. Doctors suggest chocolate to those who are suffering in heart disease.  Chocolate also make your mind sharper.

7. Green Tea


Green tea is normally associated with old people but because doctors suggest old people to eat green tea regularly if they wanted to control their heartbeat.  There are plenty of benefits of green tea; in some cases green tea is helpful for you if you are suffering in inflammation.

8. Garlic


One of the world’s healthiest foods is garlic. This is the basic ingredient of curry; this is why most Indian and Pakistani have no inflammation and very less heart disease.  There are many use garlic, some use them to make dish more tasty and some use them in salad.

9. Berries


Berries are low in fat even every fruit has very low fat this is why they are more helpful in fighting with inflammation. Everyone likes berries; especially the juice of berries is most delicious. Try to consume juice of berries every morning there are 85 calories in one cup of 148 g berries. .

10. Coffee


The coffee which is alternative of tea has great benefits. Coffee can make you smart even energetic, your day remain uncompleted without coffee. Coffee has Potassium and magnesium and zero fat. Those patients who are suffering in heart disease should try this and those who have fear of inflammation also try this.

11. Olive Oil


With highest calories olive oil is being considered as the healthiest oil for human body. This also fights with inflammation. In some countries where olive oil is not so expensive people use olive oil in regular routine and they are spending a natural life. Unlike other all oils there is no drawback of olive oil.

12. Wild Celery


Celery is a kind of vegetable with full of vitamin K and A, it has about 37% vitamin K this makes celery most effective in inflammation fighting. This also improves the blood pressure and makes every part of body to work proper.

13. Salmon


Going towards salmon we shouldn’t forget that salmon is a source of omega 3s and we all know that omega 3s is an anti-inflammation substance. So, why we should not try this amazing fish?

14. Sage


Sage has its name in history as anti-inflammatory herb. As it is herb so only few people have knowledge about it. And some don’t want to use it. But the most powerful herb which fights against inflammation is sage.

15. Ginger


Ginger is very special for health. Basically it is a kind of thing which withdraws every unnecessary item from stomach and make the stomach clean. This is not only one duty of ginger but this is also anti-inflammation and very useful for mind as well. Water of ginger is very useful upon wounds as well you can use this water as drink.

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