Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Tijuana Dangerous City

Whether you travel a lot each time, it’s very important to understand where you wish to travel, whether it’s permanent or temporary. With millions of cities around the world, there are seemingly endless destinations and cultures for traveling around the world.

Although you are free to travel at your own risk and visit any city that suits your interests, we would like to assist you in some of the most dangerous cities in the world. Below is a compilation of the most dangerous cities in the world.

10. Los Cabos


2017 for Los Cabos was not a good year because of a massive number of incidents of mass violence and a series of burned-out alcohol cases that attracted the attention of the media of the US. The US Dept. of State issued a travel alert that year for this city. Apart from the signal, the US government did not change its overall security rating for the region. This city is notorious for serious high-level crimes such as killing, kidnapping, and theft. Because of owing to social and humanitarian downfall, the disadvantaged group of society is inclined towards crime for their survival.

9. Freetown

freetown dangerous city

The free town has been famous for tourist attraction because of its beauty, but along with that, there is a dark side of the city as well. It has an alarming level of violent crimes and corruption. The avg. age of the people living in the city is reported to be significantly low as a result of an unsafe environment. The average life expectancy recorded by WHO was to be 46 years. The murder rate is 12 per 100.000 people in the city.

8. Kabul

Kabul dangerous city

Kabul is not only the capital of Afghanistan but also the largest city in the country. It is one of the fastest-growing cities with a rapidly increasing crime rate all over the Globe. It is quite an unsafe city. Kabul holds the reputation of being a highly dangerous city in the world.  The Afghanistan government has little or no control over the country, including the capital Kabul. It had been a war zone for about more than 18 years, and even today, the threats are not predictable. Suicide bombing is a popular way of threatening people in Kabul. Many children are kidnapped and molested too. The average death toll in a typical Kabul day is about 22 due to all sorts of crimes collectively.

7. San Pedro Sula       

San Pedro Sula Dangerous City

San Pedro is a metropolis in the Sula Valley of northern Honduras. In the year 2019, 7172 murders were reported in San Pedro Sula. The homicide rate in this city is 46.67 homicides per 100.000 people. Firearms and trafficking of cocaine are very much conventional. So, this might be the least considerable option to visit in the whole world.

6. Natal

natal brazil

Natal is the city of Brazil. According to most information sources, there are violent crimes in Natal, such as the increasing number of murder and robbery. According to the UNDC, the homicide rate in this city is 74.67 homicides per 100.000 people, and the city’s intentional homicide rate has been included in 20 countries, which is the total number. Crime rates have been very high in Natal.

Brazil is part of the international drug route. The weapons and marijuana used by criminals mostly produced locally.

5. La Paz

la paz Dangerous City

La Paz is the city of Bolivia. It is considered to be the city affected by violence. In the calendar year 2017, the rate of homicide in La Paz was 84.79 homicides per every 100,000 people. Any coca that grows out of this coat or any approved coca cultivation area, such as outside the enclosure, is to be eliminated.  Such federations are active, and penalties can be severe if violated by farmers or gently enforced by the federations. As a result, coca cultivation in la Paz was 27,200 hectares in 2011 up from 31,000 hectares in 2010.

4. Ciudad Victoria

Ciudad Victoria is a Mexican City which has an enormous number of hyperactive Zetas drug markets. Rampant bloodshed violence prevails as a result of gunfights among various infamous group members and also their clashes with local police and army in the city. There are 86.01 homicides per 100.000 people each year. The cases of Burglary and killings are quite common in the city. A few cases of molestation are also reported.

3. Caracas

Caracas Dangerous City

Caracas is the city of Venezuela which faces the serious threat of crime, but there is no way to identify the criminal who specifically targets US citizens. Caracas maintains its reputation of being one of the most threatened cities in the world. What used to be a crime in municipalities before is now all over the country. The Caracas Govt. often tries to refute claims of an increasing number of crime and murder rates. However, independent commentators largely reject such claims. Official statistics for crime are not released in Caracas. In 2019, the estimated rate of 99.98 violent deaths per 100.000 humans represented a slight decrease from 2017. Most of the crimes in Caracas are carried out by street gangs.

2. Acapulco

Mexico Dangerous City Acapulco

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Acapulco is a city in Mexico. The level of crime is so high. Crime is increasing continuously day by day. People in the City are afraid of being murdered or robbed. The crime rate in Acapulco is 110.5 per 100.000 people, so people avoid going to parks and beaches. Most of the physical attacks are just because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender, or religion. Mostly the drug abuser is the primary reason for the crime.

1. Tijuana

Tijuana Dangerous City

Tijuana is a Mexican city. One of the most severe crimes facing Taiwan is as the smuggling of Mexican drugs into the transfer of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and other narcotics plays a vital role between Latin America and the United States. Drug trafficking and organized crime have also been a significant source of violent crime in Tijuana. The city’s high economic polarization has mainly encouraged criminal activity in the lower castes, including the majority of the country’s population. The crime rate of the city is very high, and the repetition of violence is also identified in other metropolitan areas too. In other metropolitan areas, crime levels are low but still serious. Since many crimes are not reported, this rate may be higher than published by the government. In 2018 the murder rate was 138.26 per 100.000 people. Most of the crime involved in the drug trade made up of a small proportion of the population of the city, with only half of the murdering occurring. It has been ranked as the most violent and dangerous city.

Source : Murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants

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