How Many Religions are There in the World?

Different people adopt different religions to find God. Religions make a spiritual connection between God and man.  The main purpose of every religion in the world is to create peace and to bond people. Every religion teach it’s follower to love humanity and after it to God.  It is a wrong belief that Allah, God and other names which are being used by other religions are different.  Some followers have immense belief that God is one and some reject it. All the religions which are now in the world were founded by prophets of the God. Some religions are too old even it become very difficult to find their origin and the prophet who founded it. There are about 4200 religions in the world but minority of people have no belief on God means that they don’t follow any religions they strictly reject views of every religions these kinds of people mainly found in Europe. Asia is considered as a home of religions there are people who have immense belief on their religions. Here is a list of religions in the world sorted by number of its follower.



One of the world’s most famous religion is Christianity with about 2.1 billion adherents. The origin of Christianity is Israel and Christians follow the Prophet Jesus and they believe that Jesus is a son of God and he accepted the penalty of cross just for his followers. Vatican City is a country with high percentage of Christians moreover adherents of Christianity also are in other parts of the world especially in Europe and Australia. There are three basic sects of Christianity namely Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church and Protectionism.  Worship place of Christians is church. Holly Bible is considered religious book in Christianity. According to survey the number of followers is declined in recent years.



Islam is second large religion in the world having about 1.6 billion believers. Saudi Arabia is the origin of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the founder of Islam. In Middle East Islam is the largest religion as well in Pakistan, Nigeria Afghanistan and Indonesia. Three main sects of Islam are Sunni Muslims, Shi’a and Ahmadiyya Jamat.  Holly Quran is a religious book of Islam.

Majority of Muslims are Sunni Muslims and 100% population of Saudi Arabia is Sunni. As well 80% of the Muslims in Pakistan are belonging to Sunni Jama’t. Iraq Turkey and India also have majority of Sunni Muslims. These Muslims believe on five pillars of Islam and on the final Day of Judgment. They Consider Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is seal of prophets God has stopped sending his prophets.

Only 1% of the Muslims belong to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. It was established in 1889 in Qadian a small town of India by Hazarat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Beliefs of Ahmadies are close to Sunni Muslims but  there is a major  difference Sunni’s don’t consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be a prophet but Ahmedies have belief that Ghulam Ahmad is a prophet and Massih and his duty was to renew the teachings of Islam and to spread love among all religions. They are promoting their motto “Love for All Hatred for None”



The population of India is 1.2 billion and 70% of the population is Hindu as well India is the origin of Hinduism. Nepal and Bhutan also have minority of Hindus. Exact figure of Hindus is 900,000,000 Hinduism is a very old religion exact age is not defined. Hinduism was founded by Krishna many of the Hindus were migrated from India to other European countries so presence of Hinduism can also be seen in UK and   Canada. Diwali and Holi both are religious festivals of Hindus they celebrate them every year. There are also many other traditions in this religion. Interesting thing about Hinduism is that they burn their love ones after they die and remaining of body deliver to Ganga River. Geeta is a religious book of Hindus.  Temple is worship place of Hindu.



With 535 million followers Buddhism is fourth largest religions in the world. Gautama Buddha founded this religion in 4th centenary BCE. Indian Subcontinent is the origin of Buddhism.  Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world. Statue of Buddha is very famous in Thailand many visitors enjoy the view of statue. Buddhism is a popular in Asian countries like Myanmar (Burma), India, Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam.  Many interesting things can be found about this religion like followers believe on rebirth. Rebirth can be described as a man can re born for seven times at second birth he may be converted into an animal. Monks wear special kind of dress named Kasaya which make them unique from others.



14.2 millions of people make Judaism  5th most powerful religion in the world. The official religion of Israel is Judaism even symbol of Judaism can be found on the flag of Israel. Jews can also be found in U.S and Palestine. Jews follow the Prophet Musa, Abraham Isaac and Jacob is the ancestors of Prophet Musa.


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