Heads Up Facts about the Effects of Melting Glaciers on the Earth

By the time you are reading through this writing, you will probably be reminded by one elaborate subject you’ve learned from high school, which is the environmental science subject being explained in general terms.  In this writing, however, you will see why this topic about the effects of melting glaciers is so important to the earth and where we are living now.  Thus, the importance of knowing more in depth regarding the issue is a serious matter, since the earth’s climate is changing drastically, which is not a good sign.  We all need to see why and what does it have to do with melting glaciers. 

So, what are glaciers?  Glaciers are piles of large and massive snow forming into mountains that can be found in the United States, Alaska in particular, also in Europe, Asia and in other parts of the world.  Because of global warming and climate change has made a negative impact on the glaciers, they are actually the number one causes of melting glaciers.  Now, glaciers are still melting fast and drastically.  Imagine what will happen in the future when these piles of glaciers keeps on melting continuously.  Let’s find out more effects on the melting glaciers and why this has become a major world concern.

One effect from the melting occurrences scientists are telling the world is the rising in sea levels.  Because of climate change, in terms of the heating atmosphere, the seas today are already rising and will cause constant flooding by the year of 2100.  Thus, a whole lot of houses and lands are expecting to drown, in other words be underwater, especially those who are living near the coasts.  Another effect is of course, global warming or the increase of worldwide temperatures that will melt the glaciers fast.  Unfortunately, when this reach its highest risk level, will lead to environmental disasters and diseases.

Speaking of environmental disasters, another effect is the extinction and vanishing of the coral reefs.  Thus, coral reefs are so important to the ecosystem, but also when they’re dying, they will not be able to protect the coastlines from the wave’s action and flooding.  In return, it will endanger so many species and people as well.  Thus, melting glaciers will also have a big impact on the lives of the animals, including birds and fish where they all rely on the glaciers for survival.  Polar bears in particular will starve as they lose their habitats and the fish being washed away from the melting glaciers.

Another scary impact from melting glaciers are the increased frequency of volcanic eruption, underwater earthquakes and tsunamis.  When the heavy piles of ice breaks, it will be causing a huge ground blast.  Hence, it will also have an impact on agricultural industry and farm lands.  There will be a shortage of water for irrigation as well as food supply produced from farming.  In conclusion, all that are mentioned above, is giving you a head start on what’s going to happen in the future.  It is already happening now, hopefully we can be more aware of global warming and the issues on the earth.

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