What is Photosynthesis and How Does It Work?

Every living thing has its own process to make food the process which is being used by plants and trees to make food are called photosynthesis. The required thing is the sunlight to produce food. It is natural process there is no need of human indolent in this process. In this process plants absorb the carbon dioxide with its leaves and sunlight after it emits Oxygen which is one of the basic needs for human life, involvement of water is also necessary without water this process may not be completed. Humans needed oxygen t o live but plants needed Carbon Dioxide this is the reason why life cycle is going on. The quantity of oxygen in the air is too low, research shows that it was enough in past but with the passage of time it is decreasing because many forest are now disappearing from earth. Breathing problems are increasing dramatically.  By the plantation of many trees this problem may reduce. Trees also help in balancing temperature of earth. Here are some basic steps which involved in photosynthesis

How Does it Works

Sunlight is special for every living thing especially for plants without sunlight plants can’t survive. We all know that light which directly came from sun has different wavelengths exactly 7 it is being considered that blue and red wavelength both are most useful than others. Like human leaves also have pores through them they can absorb the sunlight. We know that most of the alive leaves have green color the reason behind this is that leaves only absorbs other wavelengths of light and reflect the green that’s why appearance of leaves become green. Especially in winter or dropped leaves have red or yellow color because of they stopped to reflecting green wavelength and started to absorb it.  Technically when light strike upon chlorophyll pigments electrons are drawled from pigments as we know that electrons are negatively charged particles and they are opposite to protons. After those molecules carry these pushed electrons from one pigment to another continuously, every electron which is carried create an energy molecule. The molecule of energy is called NADPH. Now there is a space chlorophyll pigment for electron so space has to remove. So it is necessary to continue this process for this purpose. Now water which is combination of hydrogen and oxygen passes through chlorophyll pigments the hydrogen ions get inside thylakoid and passing through it they come outside by chloroplast proteins use other protons to create other packs of energy. So the process of making energy pack remain continues. At the last stage remaining oxygen get outside as a wasted material. It is wasted material of process but not for us. Oxygen is very basic need for human life. Surprising thing is that without sunlight, only having artificial light plants can be survived. The artificial light which produce heat and enough light can be replaced with sun for small plants. Because LED lights also have red and green wavelengths. Hydrogen and carbon dioxide are mixed together in the presence of light all they make oxygen as well sugar.

Respiration of Trees

Respiration of trees is also a part of photosynthesis. Like other living creatures trees also respires. Trees needed carbon dioxide and they release oxygen but remembering thing is that respiration process only occurs in daylight not in night. So the photosynthesis process is only possible in day. We can say that in night trees go for sleeping.  It is also a fact that the process altered in night, trees get oxygen instead of carbon dioxide and emits carbon dioxide. It is advised that be at distance from trees at night.

Importance of Photosynthesis

The food which trees produce with the process of photosynthesis is useful for other living objects like herbivores eat grass and the leaves of trees without these living is impossible for them. Photosynthesis is a member of food chain if one of we withdraw one member of food chain whole chain may be demolished. The more photosynthesis process means the more oxygen this may also prove helpful to overcome global warming which is currently a major issue in the world. Moreover trees increase the beauty of nature. Trees are also food animals so survival of them is compulsory.

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