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Huntington’s disease is basically a mental disorder. It damages the nerve cells of brain and tries to make it useless. Huntington’s disease can affect both men and women equally. Most commonly, people suffer in this disease in their middle ages only in 7% cases the disease starts from the 21 age so this disease is not common in young boys and girls. The other name of Huntington’s disease is Huntington’s Chorea, meaning of chorea is dancing. Huntington’s disease affects muscle coordination and also on brain, the power of thinking gradually goes down. Huntington’s disease has a major emotional, mental, social and economic impact on the lives of patients, as well as their families. Sciences have made a great progress in every field of life even in medical field but unfortunately there is no special discovery made on this disease. Researcher didn’t find the proper cure of Huntington’s disease. Still it is being considered that Huntington’s disease is incurable. The basis of Huntington’s disease was discovered in 1993 It is most common in western Europe as compare to other parts of the world it is not true that Huntington’s disease is not popular in other countries. Australia, North America are also being affected by Huntington’s disease Asia is lucky because it is free from this disease.

The disease takes its name was first observed by George Huntington in 1872.


Symptoms of Huntington’s disease are easy to recognize. We can divide symptoms into three basic categories Conflicts of movement, behavioral changes, and Psychiatric disorders. Conflicts of movements include low movements of eye and stress in muscles affect on communication skills is also very common in this disease. People suffering in disease may loss their confidence. Facing difficulty while doing any easy task is also a part of conflicts of movement. Behavioral change may be described as change in attitude, taking less interest in every person, no care of what’s going around, losing sexual desires, suffered person may feel very hard to learn new things if he/she is a student then there is no chance of passing exams. But be remembering this is a disease commonly target of people having middle age. Psychiatric disorders are also a part of symptoms of Huntington’s disease. Psychiatric disorders may include feeling sad every time and making only a very small smile even on very funny stuff, a smile like someone is forcing to do it. You can say suffered person as half mad. Losing energy and fatigue both are also the symptoms of Huntington’s disease


We all know that genes are the instructions for brain and other parts of body it are like a path to flow information in the body. There are two copies of gene the normal copy of the gene produces a protein called Huntington, but the faulty gene contains an abnormal region of what are called CAG repeats. This area is larger than normal and produces a mutant form of Huntington. Cells in parts of the brain specifically, the basal ganglia and parts of the cortex – are very sensitive to the effects of the abnormal Huntington. This makes them function poorly and eventually die. Huntington’s disease especially targets neurons of the striatum, particularly those in the caudate nuclei and the pallidium. Also affected is the brain’s outer surface, orcortex, which controls thought, perception, and do tasks related to memory the other reason which is not technically proved is remaining alone and always facing troubles. In a recent survey which has proved that people who live alone specially older fall into this disease.

Treatment of Huntington’s Disease

Be remembering that Huntington’s disease transfers from father to son. In simple words it a genetic disorder. So the full treatment of this HD is not possible but doctors say that with the help of some medicines and drugs symptoms of HD may be reduced specially for movement disorders. Tetrabenazine and Antipsychotic drugs both are solution of movement disorders. While talking about Psychiatric conflicts Antidepressants and Mood-stabilizing drugs are helpful for this category. Mood stabilizers are medicines that treat and prevent highs (manic or hippomanic episodes) and lows (depressive episodes). They also help to minimize the negative effects of mood states on functioning at work or school or in social situations. Similarly Antipsychotic drugs are used to manage psychosis the meaning of Antipsychotic is nerve fit.
While you get symptoms of any disease make your first priority to go to doctor. Because some disease become stronger with the time. Huntington’s is also one of them. But you can also do some effort at home to reduce this disease. Always try to be positive and never be angry at every one. Always prefer to go social, make friends and spend your leisure time with them so you may not feel yourself alone. Feeling lonely is a major cause of this disease. It is a suggestion that watch comedy films and videos so may your mood lift up.

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