What Is Air Turbulence, What Causes It, Is It Dangerous?

The very first thing comes into mind when we decide to travel by air is safety everyone wants full safety during the travel. But unfortunately, sometimes unpleasant incidents happen which increases the fear of people and makes them more scared about air traveling but in fact, air traveling is not dangerous as most people think. People have some misconceptions which play the most important role in making them scared. The air traveling is a safe way to travel if you follow the basic safety instructions and you can avoid facing any unpleasant incident. According to recent reports and statics, it is appearing that air turbulence is becoming the cause of injuries and tragedies the people who love to travel by air are getting scared due to the fear of air turbulence. But there are many people who don’t even know about Air Turbulence but still, they are getting scared of air turbulence, they must have knowledge about it and need to know how it happens. In this article, I will discuss air turbulence and its causes it will definitely help you to take the next step toward your safety.

What Is Air Turbulence

Well, the air turbulence is the change in the behavior of airflow which might disturb the plane’s wings and makes the conditions uncomfortable for passengers. It also happens due to the thunderstorm and heavy winds this is a very common situation for planes and does not affect them on a large scale. This turbulence creates when a plan tries to find smooth conditions and change its altitude, this change is very normal for pilots and they face the same situation every day. The sudden change in the flight’s behavior makes the passengers scare but pilots act as normal and they try to make the passengers comfortable. Air turbulence is not dangerous as most people think we can make ourselves safe by adopting safety measures the seat belt is the first step toward safety. The seat belt plays a crucial role in safety there are almost 800 million passengers in the USA who travel by air every year and 20 out of them are getting injured with air turbulence because they do not wear seat belts. With the help of the latest technology, the pilots know about the upcoming situation and they warn the passengers about it. After getting the information about air turbulence the seat belt sign is turned on for the safety of passengers. There is a kind of turbulence that might be dangerous for passengers and pilots when the plane flies in the clear and cloudless sky then the danger of turbulence increases because the weather radars can’t measure the upcoming situation and also this turbulence comes with heavy load and affects on the plane’s wings.

Is The Air Turbulence Is Dangerous?

The air turbulence is not much dangerous but it affects the plane partially you should not worry about the crashing of the plane because air turbulence is not enough to crash your plane. The planes are designed in such good ways which can bear the heavy turbulence but for a little period of time, it will make your plane a little bump which is not a worrying aspect. Turbulence is not dangerous for your plane in any way but if you do not wear the seat belt then it will definitely affect you. To fight against these situations the pilots are being trained about weather behavior and other safety measures it will help to prevent you from getting injured during turbulence. The new technologies are being discovered to overcome this problem. But the bad news is still alive that in future the air turbulence might be more dangerous due to global warming it means that you should prepare yourself for getting bumped.

Causes Of Air Turbulence

There may be many causes of air turbulence but the sudden change in the nature of weather becomes the cause of heavy turbulence it is not dangerous but makes the passengers and plane uncomfortable for a short period of time. There is a sinking air inside the thunderstorm this sinking air rises with the forming of a thunderstorm when thunderstorm grows then this air also rises and creates the turbulence in the air the danger of turbulence is less above the clouds while on the other hand if a plane flies down the cloud then it will be bumped. The most dangerous situation of turbulence is “clear air turbulence’’ this kind of turbulence happens without any warning that’s why people get no time to make them secure. The main cause of ‘’CAT’ is the cloudless sky when a plane flies through the clear sky then it might be dangerous for plane and passengers because still there is no technology to measure this turbulence even weather radars are useless to measures clear air turbulence. During the clear air turbulence, the patches get invisible and can’t be detected by radars however latest lasers are being discovered to catch these invisible patches. This is the only type of turbulence that is most dangerous but don’t worry plane will never get crash due to turbulence because it will only make it a little dump for short time pilots are well trained to handle these situations.

If you are going to travel by air then you must need to keep one thing in your mind that safety should be your first priority. Always wear a seat belt during the flight whether everything is going fine or not it will keep you safe from any unpleasant incident.

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