Top 5 Causes of Obesity


The United States Surgeon General taking into consideration the alarming statistics of obesity in the country with 35.5% of adult women and 32.2% men being struck with this disease announced in 2001, the campaign to correct the problem with a bold initiative the “Healthy People Objective 2010”.  

The Journal of the American medical Association in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has brought the issue which has now entrenched itself to all strata of society and even the children, to the fore.

The US Surgeon General’s ambitious objective was to reduce the national obesity average among adult Americans from the 33.85% that prevailed at that time in 2001 to a very challenging 15% by the year 2010.

This has not been achieved even by 2016 and there is apparent discomfort at the higher echelons of the US Surgeon Generals Department that they have come a cropper, with no answers forthcoming on how to address the issue.

The problem with obesity is not only how we would look with an over blown belly and other parts of our bodies not in proportion to our stature and physique, it is more than that.

Obesity is just a simple equation that you have crossed and that is defined as the Body Mass Index (BMI) which is the bar that needs to be kept under control if we are not to be categorized as, obese.

If you are on the brink or have crossed it then it would be time for you to immediately take stock of the situation and take corrective measures to ensure that you do something about it without any further delay.

Women who account for more than the men on the national average, are vulnerable and would have tried many a times to correct their obesity but to no avail, and would be disappointed that they are unable to achieve results.

This may be so, and the frustrations real, but research has shown that there are certain elements that women try to over look when they undertake any weight loss program.

Here are the top 5 reasons behind obesity. If you are suffering from obesity and negative consequences associated with it, you can see whether you are trapped to any of these reasons.

1. Reason – No Discipline in Food Consumption 

Most of the food items that we see around us lack in nutritious value and they all create pangs of hunger in us as our bodies are not adequately fed what is required to sustain it.

This illusion creates the craving for more and we tend to gulp down more of it to fill our stomachs with no real nutrition going into the system and it is this that makes us to indulge in superfluous eating habits which put on the calories.

  • How to know

Take a look around you and see what you brought home from the grocery, if they are in packets and packages there is no doubt that they are all processed and filled with preservatives, additives and dyes.

  • What to do

Throw them all away and eat the fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and foods that are not processed and added with preservatives and additives.

2. Reason – No Proper Directions in Exercise

 You may be exercising and sweating it out at the gym or doing the long walks but if you do not have a disciplined workout, it may not be helping your cause.

Interval training or breaking your workout schedule and bring a more concerted effort into it could bring about better results.

  • How to know

 It is easy, and that is if you are exercising but the pounds are not dropping then change the exercise schedule and check out your food habits too, as they need to go hand in glove.

  •  What to do

 Change to a different regime of exercises and instead of long walks cut it down to more short walks at a brisker pace and in-between slot in some things you never did, like squats and pushups.

 3. Reason – Problems in Thyroid

 Your thyroid plays a major role in your life because it is a chemical powerhouse and controls the weight and metabolic hormones, called “T4” and if it over secretes or less, it could affect the composition of your body.

  • How to know

Hyperthyroidism (excess T4)

Nervousness, insomnia, racing heart, unexplained weight loss, high amounts or perspiration, muscle weakness, multiple bowel movements, thin brittle hair are some of the symptoms.

Hypothyroidism (insufficient T4)

Fatigue, dry hair / skin, unexplained weight gain, constipation, muscle weakness and general discomfort are symptoms to explain this condition.

  • What to do

If these conditions persist t would be advisable to seek advice from a doctor.

4. Reason – Imbalances in Hormone Levels

Other than thyroid issues there could be other hormone issues which could be creating the cravings for food which would be keeping you always with pangs of hunger, this could be caused by stress, due to increase in the hormone Cortisol.

  • How to know

 Check out how you are managing stress and see if you could control t and if you could do so check out after whether there is a change before you seek out tests for Cortisol etc.

  • What to do

 Try to take life at a more comfortable pace, reduce stress by Yoga, meditation, exercise etc

 5. Reason – Pills to control pregnancies

 The taking of the various birth control pills could work in different ways in the bodies of each individual and this could be a major reason for the weight loss program not succeeding.

  • How to know

If the reason that your body weight is increasing due to the pills check out when you began then you could know when the weight in you increased.

  •  What to do

 There are many natural forms of controlling against pregnancies, use them. Then you will get the opportunity to avoid becoming a victim of obesity.

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