Top 20 Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber is an important nutrient that everybody needs in their daily diet. But what happens when someone doesn’t get enough fiber? The truth is, most people don’t get enough fiber, and it can cause several different medical issues.

So how do you get enough fiber? That’s pretty easy! Just eat fiber-rich foods. Men should be getting about 35 grams of fiber a day, and women should be getting about 25 grams. Fiber is essential for digestive health, and everybody should get their recommended amount. So I have compiled a list of the top 20 fiber-rich foods that you can eat to meet the recommendations!

1. Beans: You probably are already aware that beans are high in fiber. With a whopping 14 grams of fiber per one cup of baked black beans, you’ll be halfway to meeting the recommended amount!

2. Chia Seeds: Although many people don’t know what these little magic seeds are, they contain a lot of fiber; 10 grams of fiber per 1 OUNCE of chia seeds. This is an extraordinarily high amount for little seeds.

Chia Seed
Chia Seeds

3. Artichokes: One medium artichoke packs in 10.3 grams of fiber!

4. Peas: Enjoy some delicious peas that have 8.8 grams of fiber per one cup cooked. Plus, they’re delicious! Win-win for everyone!

5. Brussel Sprouts: I know, I know. These aren’t always a fan favorite. But they’re full of 4.1 grams of fiber per 1 cup cooked. How can you say no to that?

6. Broccoli: Look! Another fan favorite…just kidding! These yummy green veggies have 5.1 grams of fiber per one cup boiled.

7. Pears: Not only is this fruit delicious and sweet, but it’s also got 5.5 grams of fiber per medium fruit.


8. Raspberries: You may not think much of these little red berries, but they have a whopping 8 grams per raw cup!

9. Blackberries: Again, with the berries? You bet! These sneaky little guys have 7.6 grams per cup.

10. Avocados: Mmmm! If you like guacamole, then you will love that avocados have 6.7 grams of fiber per serving.

11. Oatmeal: This yummy breakfast treat has 4 grams of fiber per cup cooked.

12. Whole-wheat Pasta: Hey, you pasta lovers, there’s good news for you. If you trade out your normal pasta for some that are whole-wheat, you’ll get  6.3 grams of fiber per cooked up of it!

13. Lima Beans – Shh! Don’t tell your kids what they are, and they’ll get 13.6 grams of fiber per cooked cup of this great stuff.

14. Apples: With 4 grams per medium apple, this makes a great high fiber snack!

15. Sweet Corn: Adding this to your meal will get you an additional 4 grams of fiber per cup cooked.

16. Popcorn: Yes! You read that right. Three cups of popped popcorn yields about 4 grams of fiber.

17. Almonds:  Just a quarter cup of these great snack nuts have about 3 grams of fiber!

18. Barley: One cup cooked has 6 grams of fiber. Put it in a soup, and you’ve got your recommended intake covered!

19. Edamame: One of my personal favorites! These tasty little guys have 16 grams of fiber per 1 cup cooked!

20. Dried Figs: Even though these aren’t the easiest things to find, when you can get them, they have a whopping 15 grams per cup.


With all of these foods to choose from, you don’t have any excuses for not getting your daily recommended amount of fiber!

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