Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World

We crated a list of the tallest buildings in the world by height. We didn’t add non-building structures at our list. Mankind is obsessed with breaking it limits and reaching its limits again and again. 

10. Taipei 101 (508 m 1,667 ft) Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei 101 known as Taipei World Financial Center. Taipei 101 was completed in 2004. It was the tallest building in 2004.

9. China Zun (528 m, 1,732 ft) Beijing, China

CITIC Tower known as China Zun. China Zun will complete in this year. It has 108 floors.

8. Tianjin CTF Finance Centre (530 m, 1,739 ft) Tianjin, China

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre is still under construction in Tianjin, China.. It will complete this year. It has 110 floors.

7. Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre (530m, 1,739 ft) Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre is also called East Tower. It is the tallest building in Guangzhou.  It was completed in October 2016. It is the seventh tallest building in the world. It has 111 floors above the ground and 5 floors below ground.

6. One World Trade Center (541.3 m, 1,776 ft) New York, USA


One World Trade Center also known as Freedom Tower. It is the tallest building in United States of America. It was completed in 2014. It was costed at 3.9 billion dollars. It has 104 floors.

5. Lotte World Tower (554.5 m, 1,739 ft) Seoul, South Korea

Lotte World Tower is the fifth highest building in the world. It is the highest building in South Korea. It was completed on December 22, 2016. It has 123 above ground 6 below ground floors.

4. Ping An Finance Centre (599 m, 1,965 ft) Shenzhen, China

Ping An Finance Centre also known as Ping An IFC. It is the tallest building in China. It has 115 floors. It was designed by architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associate. It has lots of office, hotel, a conference centre and a high-end shopping mall.

3. Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower (601 m, 1,971 ft) Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Abraj Al-Bait meaning is The Towers of the House. It is near by  world’s largest mosque and Islam’s most sacred site. It was completed in 2011.  It was costed at 15 billion dollars.

2. Shanghai Tower (632 m, 2,073 ft) Shanghai, China 

Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world and tallest building in China. It has world’s fastest elevators at a top speed of 20.5 metres per second. It was completed in 2014. It was designed by Jun Xia. It has 128 floors.

1. Burj Khalifa (828 m, 2,717 ft) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Here is the winner mega skyscraper. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. It was completed in 2010. It has 163 floors. It was designed by Adrian Smith. The design is inspired from the Islamic architecture such as Great Mosque of Samarra. It was costed at 1.5 billion dollars.


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