Top 10 Simple Ways to Fight Fatigue

Top 10 Simple Ways to Fight Fatigue

Life moves like a fast train in this super-fast world. We all are running fast to catch our trains. This keeps us on our toes all the time which is enough to make us feel tired. And as soon as this fatigue kicks in, we start missing our train very often. This would mean missing out not only on professional life but on personal too. So, arresting the fatigue at its very first stage is the only solution to keep up with this fast-paced time. But who’s got time to take even an extra minute out to fight this problem. The simplest way to fight fatigue would be to switch some of our routine things with the more holistic ones.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Fight Fatigue

1. Nutrition is the key


An imbalanced diet is the main culprit when it comes to drain our energy levels too much and quickly. So, having a wholesome diet is the key to stay charged all day long. Take all the nutrients simply by changing your food preferences from junk to fresh ones. As against junk food, which takes time to digest and does more harm than good to the body, the fresh foods are full of nutrients and are easily digestible. Much research has proved indigestion as the leading cause of chronic fatigue. Make sure to eat everything but in moderation.

2. Water is life

drink water

We all are aware of the universal truth that without water, no life can survive. But we still, don’t drink enough of it to keep us running. Whether we like it or not, we must stay hydrated, always. Water is essential for carrying out all the body processes. And if any of such body processes gets interrupted for lack of water, our body will fall short of energy it needs to be up and running. Some of the scientifically proven symptoms of dehydration are lack of sound sleep, slow thinking process, less alert mind, an increase in irritation levels and chronic fatigue. Just remember not to have it too much to cause you ‘water retention’.

3. Do not sugar-coat it


Having a candy bar or a chocolate wafer always help when we all are low on energy. It instantly provides our body with energy by releasing glucose instantly. We feel like a little ball of energy but only for some time. The reason being the energy dips as quickly as it took off initially, which leaves us fatigued more than before. This is why we never feel satiated with sweet things and claim to have a ‘sweet tooth’. To keep fatigued at bay, stay away from all things sugary. And do not try to do it at once as nobody can conquer their addictions in a day. Phase it out by switching all refined sugars with natural ones.



We all are alive because of one atmospheric gas – Oxygen. So, maintaining adequate oxygen levels in our body is important for keeping ourselves energetic throughout the day. Smoking depletes the oxygen levels in our body resulting in fatigue. We find it difficult to breathe due to lack of oxygen and aren’t able to carry out our daily activities with full energy. Cutting out on your smoking habit, therefore, can help you a lot in fighting fatigue.

5. Sweat it out

You must have noticed your energy levels when you were a child. Did you ever feel fatigued? The answer is a resounding NO. As a child, we all have had enough physical activity which has always been associated with increased energy levels. Any form of physical exercise has been known to produce endorphins which play an important role to supply you with constant energy for your day. As much as regular exercise is known to kick away fatigue, overdoing it can be the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome rather than helping you to fight it.

6. Sleep well


We all know the need for sleep in our routine courtesy the blunders we commit the next day following a sleepless night. But do you know that it is the quality of sleep that makes the difference? Sometimes, you must have noticed yourself sleeping for 10-11 hours but still feeling fatigued and lazy for the day. This is the result of a lack of sound sleep. Look for the causes for it. It could be a wrong mattress or pillow, unfavorable room temperature or maybe uncomfortable clothing or fabric. Just find out your very own reason to eliminate it along with the fatigue to take that quality sleep of 7-8 hours daily.

7. Stress management


Keeping your mind off any stressful thoughts can help you fight fatigue big time. A stressed mind is known to produce hormones that directly affect our proper body functioning, sleep patterns, and general health. We feel low on energy if any of our body function is impaired. So, to feel energetic throughout the day, cooling our minds off is very important.

8. De-caffeinate


If caffeine is your crutch to go through that day, you are doing no good to your body’s energy levels. Caffeine is known to tire your body out than not as stated by The Royal College of Psychiatrists. It surely gives your energy levels a boost for some time after the intake but leaves you more fatigued after a few hours, hence, leaving you wanting another shot of it. So, you simply get trapped in its vicious circle for never to come out. A sudden elimination, however, would cause you severe headaches, thereby, making it impossible for you to come out of this addiction. Always, go for it by reducing its intake slowly to become caffeine-free.

9. Cut the alcohol

cut alcohol

We all know the link between alcohol and hangover the next day. A good hangover knows how to make you feel fatigued all day long. Forget about concentrating on your work, it won’t even let you just do the simplest of things like walking or traveling without feeling drained. So, to keep your energy levels full, don’t feel tempted for that shot.

10. Take a break

All work and no play will surely make you dull. Sometimes, it is important to just stop and relax. And then breathe to recharge yourself up again. Take small breaks from your work frequently or when you feel drained and simply do nothing in it. Sometimes, doing nothing at all is what our mind and body need. This helps it to rejuvenate by brushing that fatigue off.

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