Top 10 Argan Oil Benefits for Hair and Skin

‘Liquid gold’ is how we know it, where it has a name actually derived from the name of the tree from which it is extracted. Argan tree is the tree in context and Argan oil is how it’s called too. It is a tree that grows in Morocco, in Maghreb, North Africa and produces this oil from its kernels. This oil is lately gaining a lot of importance as a beauty care and health care product. Let’s walk through a few of these uses,

  1. Silkier skin is promised by Argan: Rich in fatty acids, Vitamin E, it is very much preferred in skin care where being economic in cost makes it to stand apart for anyone and not just celebrities. It serves as a skin moisturizer to make it look smoother and silkier by retaining the moisture & stopping the look of a dry surface. Being non sticky, user-comfortable and user friendly makes it amicable for use all over face, neck and body
  2. Glorious hair by Argan: One of the most natural and dependable conditioners is Argan on hair. Split ends, dry frizzy hair and strength-less hairs are very much taken care by the oil. Usage is pretty easy as explained in quite a lot of applications and products. Check here to know how I can be used as a styling agent, shampoo, hair mask and so on.
  3. Be stylish with Argan: To style hairs in a rush, argan is one of the best. Glossy looks, stable hairs and a great improvement in texture are all what is guaranteed by the oil. The usual complaint of chemicals deteriorating hairs is thwarted by this oil which adds nutrition to hairs when used in a small quantity by way of massaging on dry hairs.
  4. Look younger, argan is here: Not just on hairs, but on skin Argan has its magic to make your skin look much younger than many other contemporary substances. Its moisturizing aspect is the key here. Using it on the body before bed is the best way recommended for a great effect.
  5. Skin problems due to diseases? Argan helps: Argan stays a savior for the scars left behind by skin diseases, roughness by skin infections and various skin related problems. Regular massaging using it provides a great deal of goodness and cure.
  6. Pimples pinching you? Try Argan: Acne, pimples and other skin marks including stretch marks are very beautifully handled by the oil. Anti-oxidants in it have a healing action decreasing inflammations and the moisturizing agent soothes the general feel on infected areas.
  7. Cures soreness: Check here to know an argan oil product that is a glorious blend of argan and a few other ingredients well suited for an overall good look, smoothness and even adding nutrition to the weak hairs. Protection from heat, UV rays and external harmful factors are ensured by this oil when just applied evenly on dry hair and given a gentle blow dry.
  8. Remove stretch marks: Sagginess and caesarian marks on women have been proven to be handled by argan to a great deal. Little drops of it used by applying on stomach and other parts is good enough for the best result.
  9. Limbs look better with Argan: Use argan oil on limbs, hand, foot and nails before night to get them look soft and wonderful.
  10. Cracked lips get comfort in Argan: Goes without saying, Argan acts great on lips as well as it does to other body parts. Try it on cracked, sored and dry lips to see them glowing quite faster.

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  1. There is no end of the benefits of argan oil for health. I have used argan oil and it also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing.

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