9 Amazing Health Benefits of Maca Root

Roots have come in all forms and shapes, some we have known since time began, others we are just discovering while some we will never know of their existence. For those foreign to this, Maca is a root that belongs to a radish family, also known as ‘Peruvian ginseng‘ due to its origins in Peru. Indigenous people of Andes have been consuming this root for centuries as a natural remedy for a diverse range of conditions. It is considered a vegetable, but don’t let the ho-hum definition fool you. It is, in fact, a herb that provides most benefits to women. Another fascinating part about the Maca is the nutrition it contains, ranking it as one of the superfoods, providing five times more protein than a potato with four times the fibre. It was mostly cultivated for medicinal and nutritional value, and the roots were later used in powder form. The leaves don’t go to waste as they are mostly used in salads or as a vegetable. A traditional drink, chichi, is also made by the Peruvians through fermentation. Maximization was real!

1. The benefits of this root for women

Up to date, the Maca root is used in powder form. For women, in particular, the benefits are substantial, not to say that men can’t benefit from it. With recent scientific researches, it is proven that it has the capability of boosting female quality life.

2. Nature’s Viagra

Maca improves erectile dysfunction in men, reduce enlarged prostate glands and increase sperm count. Maca can enhance your sexual function and increase libido in both men and women.

3. Improve fertility

It serves to increase endurance, increase fertility and balance your hormones at the same time. This way, your fertility rates shoot up in no time. This is helpful to those trying to get kids, look into it.

4. Hormonal balance

The hormonal balance is particularly helpful to women going through menopause as an extensive hormone balancer. Therefore, it is considered a natural relief to menopause symptoms.

5. Emotion control

This root further helps in overcoming anxiety, mood swings and depression, thus providing mental focus. The natural fatty acids contained in the root are required for overall brain health, supporting mood, stabilizing analytical skills, encouraging rational thinking and cognitive functions.

6. A glowing look

Most people use supplements to relief skin issues such as acne, what they don’t know is that the supplement probably has Maca. With regular consumption of this, the skin gets smoother and starts glowing. It’s no surprise most skin companies use this as an active ingredient in their products.

7. Bones

With high amounts of iron, Maca fights bone loss, osteoporosis, and deterioration. It increases bone density and is helpful to women due to decreased levels of estrogen during menopause. It’s also has bioavailable calcium contents that improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

8. Energy boost

If you are looking for that oomph to give you a kick every a.m. or trying to get your best performance as an athlete, Maca may give you the lift you seek so desperately. It has vitamins, amino acids, proteins and minerals that acts as supplements with antioxidant effects that prevents soreness through workouts.

9. Stress reduction

From the energy boost and antioxidant effects mentioned earlier, maca also reduces stress hormones that help fight fatigue, a negative side effect of stress.

So start incorporating this into your daily meals, you will be surprised by the benefits you reap. The best part, no baggage as it is a safe food to consume with no serious side effects. Be a Maca person.

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