5 Ways to Improve Your Memory

We generally tend to be more forgetful as compared to our parents and grandparents. Is it due to our environment or evolving human bodies, or what? The answer is that our increased memory loss can be attributed to our lifestyle. The food we eat, the way we move and the stress we take, all these factors accumulates to rapid memory loss. The healthy lifestyle can help you retain things for a longer period of time. Though, we have limited memories right now, but the good news is that you can regain your memory. Yes, it is possible and following are some of the methods that can help you produce new and healthy neurons that are responsible for memory

5 Ways to Improve Your Memory

1. Sleep properly

Getting the good night’s sleep is important and has various benefits. It helps you act smartly and wisely. One of the benefits of getting good 6-8 hours of night sleep is that it helps you retaining much more information.

2. Make a proper workout schedule

Exercise helps you improve your memory. It actually promotes the production of new neurons, better interconnection of the existing ones and protection from external damage.  Studies have shown that people having a regular workout routine normally tend to have better memories and their memory center in brain, generally, grows with time.

3. Do some mental activity

As your body requires workout to remain fit, your brain cells also require regular activity to perform optimally. Doing the same sort of tasks for a very long time, or not challenging your brain frequently, can make you forgetful. Keep stimulating your brain. Play some good mental health games or puzzles or crosswords that can provide enough mental exercise for your brain. Learn to play an instrument or rarely indulge yourself in an argument, just anything that will allow you to leave your comfort zone.

4. Intake Right food

It is important that the food you are taking should have a positive impact on all the organs of your body. Specifically talking about your brain, you should be taking good amount of proteins and should avoid any sugary foods. The right food and that too in right amount can simulate the production of brain cells and improve your brain health. Taking healthy fats can also be productive for your brain health.

5. Get Organized

Have you ever noticed that memorizing from jumbled up notes is much more difficult and you are more likely to forget things that you try to study in this way. Our brain is much more comfortable with organized stuff and it gets easy for it, once the information is in order. You can also speak out loud any information you are trying to memorize. Avoid multi- tasking. It lets you believe that you are saving on time but the fact is that output is often defective and it makes you forgetful. It is better to be focused on a single task which can make you less prone to errors.

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