5 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

Sleep is an essential part of every human life. Lack of adequate sleep affects everyone in different ways starting from health to overall job performance. This only indicates how essential sleep is as a completion of a day activities. Irrespective of its importance, regardless of how tired we are some of us still find it difficult to have a normal sound sleep due to several reasons like the mind being awake while the body is tired and needs rest or due to the failure of one thing or two about how the day went. Poor or inadequate sleep affects women in more ways than men as it makes them feel hostile or sometimes depressed or angry over nothing and also increases their rate of having heart diseases and diabetes.  

However, there are several ways to ensure that adequate sleep is guaranteed after a long day work which will be discussed in this article.

  1. Sleep paradox: This is done by challenging yourself to stay awake which will make your mind fight against it thus the eye muscles tire quickly as sleep slowly creeps in.
  1. Going over the events of the day: Another way to ensure sleep comes faster is by going through the details of how the day went from waking up to conversations with the people you met and every other little thing that made up the day. By doing so, the body unconsciously gives up and the eye muscles follow duly. Without knowing what hit you, you are already fast asleep and a peaceful sleep at that.
  1. Write yourself a worry list: This is a list that contains things that you are worried you won’t be able to get done the next day. Stare at the list for as long as you can, keep going through it in both ascending and descending order until your eyes gets tired and it closes itself without being told to. This is one of the easiest ways to find sleep faster because all you have to do is make a list and imagine all the items and obligations in the list has been done and carried out as you want them to be.
  1. Find yourself a comfortable spot in your room: Some people find it hard to sleep comfortably on their bed for reasons that are best known to them, if this is you, all you have to do is locate the most comfortable spot for yourself in your room and release yourself of any worries of the day and sleep. On other hand, you can make your bed your comfort zone by making all comfortable sleeping materials available there ranging from bed spread to pillows.
  1. Think about how to make the next day better: Most of us are often in the habit of taking the stress and the losses of the day to bed with us such that we go to bed feeling depressed and sad about how the day was such a failure. Sometimes all you really need to do is be hopeful that several things can be done to make sure that the next day is far better. The thought of fixing what couldn’t be fixed today tomorrow relaxes the mind and gives room to fast and quick sleep.

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