5 Amazing Health Benefits of Borage Oil

Borage oil is extracted from the kind of wildflower which is the blue flower in star-shaped. This oil has been used for home remedies and herb for more than 1500 years. The flower can be found all over the world especially in Asia, North America, and Europe for the herbal medicine components. The entire part of the flowers including leaves and oils can be used as a home remedy and medicine. The borage oil is extracted from the seeds and it is considered as the natural source of GLA or Gamma-linoleic acid. In addition, borage oil is also loaded with calcium, magnesium, and also salicylic acid. The Gamma linoleic acid contains in borage oil is almost 20 percent. Due to the minerals and also omega-6 fatty acids, the borage oil is very beneficial to treat certain problems in the body as well as enhance general well-being.

1. Treat skin problem

Some research reveals that borage oil can increase the moisture and also level PG in the skin. That is why borage oil can work like magic to treat chronic inflammation due to a health hazard. In addition, borage oil can also treat skin disorders that also occur because of fatty acid imbalance. For those who seek anti-aging elixir, the borage oil can work well to restore the skin’s elasticity, suppleness, and moisture. The borage oil is considered as one of the important ingredients in many cosmetic products. The salicylic acid substance serves as antiseptic and anti-acne. For anti-aging elixir, apply the borage oil every evening after washing the face and to remove acne, apply some drops of the oil using a cotton pad every day before bedtime.

2. Hair problems

Dandruff, itchy scalp, hair fall, and split ends are some hair problems we experience. Those problems do not just easily go away using shampoo only. Borage oil contains regenerative properties that repair the hair stands and scalp cells. Apply borage oil regularly followed with massage to reduce the follicle inflammation to reduce hair loss.

3. Help weight loss

The high concentration of GLA in borage oil makes it important for metabolism as it kills the appetite and helps weight loss. According to a study, it reveals that consuming borage oil can help lose more weight than consume other oil supplements. You can take the supplement or ask for a recommendation by the doctor first.

4. Soothe arthritis pain and inflammation

The fatty acid contains in borage oil is an excellent treatment for rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. The GLA helps suppress the main cause of joint inflammation. To treat inflammation, it is recommended to take 1 to 2 borage oil supplement, but make sure not to exceed the required dosage because it can elevate the inflammation.

5. Fight PMS and relieve women problem

Consuming borage oil can help stimulating adrenal glands and also increasing the production of adrenaline. This helps in improving discomfort during periods, reduce breast tenderness, menopausal symptoms, and also a premenstrual syndrome. This is because the borage oil contains analgesic properties which are beneficial to relieve pain.

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