12 Benefits of Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst gemstone  is a precious gemstone normally it is being mined from almost all over the including Brazil, Australia, North America, Sri Lanka and many countries of Africa (Congo, Tanzania and Madagascar are  more famous). With the help of history we can know that it was discovered even before the ancient Greek. It is surprising that even people of the ancient age did know about the importance of Amethyst Gemstone.  Even they made some of coins with Amethyst Gemstone. Amethyst Gemstone got great value until the 18th century because until the 18th century it was only mined from very few sources but later when Amethyst Gemstone discovered from Brazil it lost its value in market due to easy availability. Amethyst Gemstone has many benefits some of them are health benefits and some related to

1. Astrological Gains of Amethyst gemstone

Majority of people have believe on astrology they think that there is a relation between luck and movement of stars , some of them have also believe on special kind of stones.  Amethyst gemstone is also a special kind of stone which can help you. The other name of Amethyst gemstone is stone of love normally, husbands give Amethyst gemstone to their wives on the occasion of wedding or on the marriage anniversary because they believe that Amethyst gemstone can make their relationship more strong and they can live a happy life. Don’t be surprised by this fact that Amethyst gemstone converts the negative energy into positive energy. It may prove helpful for those who want to prevent from bad energy of eye.

2. Amethyst Gemstone Fight Against bacteria

There is no doubt that Amethyst gemstone emits radiation this special kind of radiation can fight properly against bacteria and it’s growth in the body.  So it may be used as an alternative of anti-bacteria medicines. But be remembering that regular use of Amethyst gemstone isn’t the wisdom it can also harm our body so be careful. Amethyst gemstone also withdraws some special kind of ions which may prove beneficial for human body.

3. Helps To Withdraw Aerosol

Aerosol may consists on particles of dust Smoke and air pollution, body spray and other spray like air fresher is also a type of aerosol. Body spray contains many harmful chemicals which directly enters into our body and make conflicts.  Aerosol is very dangerous for health especially for skin so it is very necessary to remove aerosols out of body.  Don’t worry because we find a solution of it Amethyst gemstone is solution with the help of its negative ion it withdraws dangerous chemicals out of body. It is very secret solution only few have knowledge of it.

4. Bond Power Between Two Lovers

Surprising thing is that lovers give gift of ring of Amethyst gemstone to each other on their 6th marriage anniversary to create harmony and love between them. In a study which was about to collect facts on this it has been proved that it really works, so start to giving gift of Amethyst gemstone  to your girlfriends and your wives.

5. Always Feel Positive Feelings With Amethyst gemstone

A small piece has lots of benefits. It is not just a stone but it is a kind of miracle which is a gift from God. Some people use special kind of sounds which may make your thinking spiritual and positive. It is also a fact that Amethyst gemstone can also do this job. Place Amethyst gemstone near the window of your room and always feel piece of mind and positive thinking.

6. It Regenerate Cells

It is medically proven that Amethyst gemstone helps the cells to grow and regenerate the damaged cells. It increases the energy which is specified for growth of cells in the human body.

7. Best For People Having Aquarius Astrological Sign

Since we know that Amethyst gemstone is a birth stone people who born between January 20 and February 18 have Aquarius star if they wear Amethyst gemstone in the form of ring or  neck less they may prevent from energy of bad-eye and they may increase their communications skills and confidence .  It may also prove lucky for them.

8. Improve The Blood Circulation

Some women especially in India wear bracelets which have Amethyst gemstone attached upon them to regulate the blood circulation in the body as most of the old women have problem of blood pressure. Far-infrared radiations which Amethyst gemstone emits force blood to move regularly through vessels.

9. Amethyst Gemstone Can Decorate You Home

Apart from all other benefits Amethyst gemstone has some wonderful benefits. If you are willing to use Amethyst gemstone as a decoration piece then it is a batter idea. Amethyst gemstone  is very beautiful and precious stone so it also have some very outstanding light effects, with laser light and some pieces of glass an eye-catching decoration piece can be made. After watching the wonderful piece every guest will admire your choice.

10. Instrumental For Brain

Crucial part of body is brain if brain is working properly then everything is ok. Having low brain capacity and is very usual.  Expensive medicines can’t enhance the capacity of brain but yes with the help of Amethyst gemstone it is possible. It makes the brain sharper and inflates the capacity of brain.

11. Assists In Respiration

Especially with old people difficulties while respiration is too common. Respiration has connection with lungs, Amethyst gemstone removes toxics and dust from lung and body so the process of respiration become easy and fluent.  Throat also plays an important role in process of respiration for throat Amethyst gemstone   is also beneficial. It cleans the obstacles from throat.

12. Have A Peaceful Mind

If you wear Amethyst gemstone in any kind or even you place it near your bed while sleeping it may lift your mood up . In the morning you will feel yourself fresh and will get peace of mind.  You can be satisfy with your life. Always having angry mood is also a disease which may leave you if you have Amethyst gemstone.

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  1. Amethyst sounds like it has a lot of great benefits to it. I especially like that it is medically proven to help regenerate damaged cells. I didn’t know if was best for people that have the Aquarius astrological sign. I fall into that category, so I’ll have to look more into if amethyst can help me!

  2. Have just discovered a deposit of stones within my homestead perimeter. I intend to put a bench there where I can sit for meditative sessions. Besides silicosis (will not cause dust to rise when there) would there be radiation hazard in such a move?

    If radiation is hazardous how many stones are safe indoors?

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