10 Health Benefits of Pistachios

Pistachio is a fruit which is packed inside the shell the outer shell needs to be removed in order to get the yellow seeds. You can also say it a nut in Asian countries like Pakistan and India the Pistachio is used in making sweets it can double the taste of sweets. It belongs to cashew family and the size of its tree grows up to 10 meters and the origin of this amazing nut is Middle East. Its delicious taste is equally liked by kids and adults and can be used in different dishes to give the new touch to their taste. The pistachio is considered as the essential part of green tea which is made in Pakistan without pistachio the tea is considered as incomplete. It is not only delicious and tasty but also it is useful for health as it is a rich source of nutrients and can help to remove many harmful diseases. It is an amazing combination of protein nutrients and low level of calorie. There are tons of health benefits of pistachio but in this article I will deeply explain 10 benefits.

1. Useful Against Cancer

Pistachio is a great source of antioxidants even you can use the shells to get antioxidants which helps to fight against lung and skin cancer. Further it contains vitamin B6 which helps to increase the quantity of white blood cells in our body these white blood cells are very essential to prevent our body from skin infections.

2. Useful For Heart

The pistachio is very useful for heart as it contains large amount of fatty acids which help to reduce the high blood pressure. It improves the flow of blood and makes the heart healthy. With the daily use of nuts you can make a dominant change it decreases the level of bad cholesterol and on the other side increases the level of good cholesterol in blood and makes the regulation of blood better. Further it makes the blood thin and does not allow forming the clots of bloods which minimize the risk of any heart disease.

3. Helpful Against Diabetes

The diabetes is very common disease now days everyone wants to get rid of this disease by natural ways so pistachio is the best option to prevent from diabetes. The diabetes comes into form due to the resistance of insulin eating pistachios daily will help to increase the quantity of phosphors which helps to convert the protein into amino acids and also it regulates the glucose in blood. As pistachios is the best source of antioxidants which is very essential to keep the blood pressure level under control.

4. Improves The Nervous System

Strong nervous system is the symbol of a healthy body, pistachio is very useful for strong nervous system. Pistachio contains large amount of vitamin B6 which converts the proteins into amino acids, the amino acids help for the proper growth of messaging molecules. Also vitamin B6 creates the myelin which is very necessary for the proper transfer of impulses through nervous system.

5. Skin Care

The presence of vitamin D and vitamin C helps to prevent the skin from the UV rays damage further the selenium helps to neutralize the radical damages and gives the healthy skin. Pistachio contains vitamin E which improves the skin’s elasticity and makes the skin free from winkles you can have young skin with the use of pistachio. You can get rid of the oily skin a special kind of oil presents in pistachio which makes the skin dry and keeps it natural for years.

6. Useful For Weight Loss

Pistachio is known as the best fruit for weight loss as it contains of large amount of dietary fiber and less amount of saturated fat according to some statics 30 grams of pistachios contain approximately 3 gram of dietary fiber by using pistachios you can get the energy and weight loss as well. You can get your weight loss by using pistachio daily trust me that you do not need to do extra diet for your weight loss.

7. Eyes Care

Eyes are considered as the great blessing of God but unfortunately eyes get weak with the passage of age. Eyes are the main part of body the human is incomplete without eyes. Pistachio is an amazing nut which is very useful for your eye’s care. Pistachio contains carotenoids which help to protect the eyes from the age related problems. Further some UV rays can be dangerous for eyes so by using pistachio you can overcome on this issue it contains Lutein and zeaxanthin which can fight against these rays.

8. Helpful For Brain

Pistachio is a best solution to increase your memory with the regular use of pistachio you can increase your memory. Pistachio is the best source of vitamin B6 which provides the oxygen to blood and increases the hemoglobin in bloods which is essential for a healthy brain.

9. Better Immune System

Pistachio contains the large amount of vitamin B6 which plays an important role to make your immune system better further pistachio is a source of antioxidants which increases the defense against the microbial disease and can make you secure from any kind of harmful diseases.

10. Useful For Hairs

Pistachio is useful against the hair loss it can remove this problem in days. Hairs need large amount of biotin to grow up so you can provide the biotin to your hairs by using pistachio, as it contains the large amount of biotin.  Further you can get long and shiny hairs with regular use of pistachio.

You can have the pistachio in your local markets easily and can make your dishes more delicious further you can make the health of your family better. Do remember that there are many different verities of pistachio available in markets so keep you little sharp before buying always buy pistachio without shell because you can keep you safe from getting deceive.

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