10 Health Benefits of Olive Oil

The use of oils is essential in order to make your meal delicious and able to eat but you must need to take care about your health, for this purpose the olive oil might be a perfect choice for your kitchen. This will not only help to make your food delicious but also make your food healthy. The olive oil is very useful for health and being used now days more commonly. It is a great source of Vitamins, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium you can get all the healthy stuff from one thing.  There are many other health benefits of olive oil I am going to write down some amazing health benefits.

1. Weight Loss

It’s been a serious problem for all men and women for years everyone wants to have slim and smart body but it is really difficult to maintain a smart body while living in tasty age. Because mostly foods prove to be junk foods so to make your foods healthy you need to add some olive oil instead of other ordinary oil. Olive oil helps to increase the metabolic system and allows your body to convert food into energy. Further olive oil is a rich source of monounsaturated which decreases the fat in no time.

2. Against Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is affecting women very badly it is very difficult to deal with it but it is not impossible at all. With the use of olive oil we can get rid of this harmful cancer olive oil contains Steroids which keep our body safe from suffering any kind of out and in crush. Olive oil is a great source of fiber and toxins which other oil does not have, further it controls the growth of cancerous cells these cells are very harmful for human body.

3. Bones Health

The human joint system plays an important role in healthy body but now days every second men and women is facing bones problem. Olive oil is perfect solution for this problem it contains large amount of osteocalicn substance which helps to make the muscle’s tissues strong. Further there is huge amount of calcium which makes the bones strong moreover Osteocalcin creates a special kind of layer outside the bones which helps to make your bones safe from any kind of damage.

4. Liver

Proper function of liver leads to healthy body but unfortunately mostly people do not care about their liver they just care about their taste and tongue which results into sick liver.  The olive oil helps to grow the hepatic tissue and make them safe from any harmful attack and maintain the healthy body. Further olive oil reduces the oxidative actions which are very harmful for your liver and make the function better.

5. Long and Shiny Hairs

The hairs are considered as the main part of women beauty every woman wants to have long, shiny and healthy hairs but it does not happen if you use the ordinary oil for your hairs. The olive helps to remove the frizz from hairs and allows them to grow healthier. Further it nourishes the scalp and makes the hairs healthy and keeps them safe from any damage.

6. Useful Against Diabetes

Diabetes is very dangerous disease which can lead to death so an early treatment is required to stay healthy forever. There are many natural ways to get rid of this harmful disease the olive oil is one of them it is the great source of mono and polyunsaturated fats which reduces the level of LDT in blood and further it increases the metabolism system which makes the regulation of blood better.

7. Useful Against Heart Diseases

Heart disease are more dangerous and common diseases now days, the proper blood circulation is required to keep the heart healthy. The use of olive oil reduces the blood pressure lowers the inflammation and controls the LTD in blood. Moreover it makes the circulation of blood better and makes the function of blood vessels better. Olive oil does not allow the blood to make clotting and makes it thick.

8. Ageing Problems

Every woman wants to look young for these purpose women adopt different methods to look young but mostly methods are useless. Olive oil is very useful oil to make you look young it is the rich source of anti-oxidants which helps to make the process of ageing slow and keeps your skin young and shiny. Olive oil is being used in almost every cosmetic remedy to give a special kind of glow to your skin.

9. Remove The Breathing Smell

The breathing smell is very common problem even after washing teethes this smell does not get stop. It might be a really embarrassing if you go to a party or go for a date. You can get rid of this smell by using the olive oil with the mixture of lemon juice it will make your stomach clean and will make your breathing cool.

10. Useful For Massage

After delivery mostly women feel different pains in their bodies which is pretty normal they don’t need for special treatment simply by getting massage of olive oil can give them relief from these pains. Olive oil contains large amount of anti-inflammatory which removes the inflammation from muscles.

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