10 Amazing Natural Wonders to See Before You Die

The world today has several intriguing things that one should see before exiting it. Most of these are objects, buildings, or phenomena whose origination remains a mystery till this present day. Below are 10 amazing natural wonders to see before you die.

1. The Pyramid of Giza

This is also known as the “Pyramid of Khufu.” It is said to be by far the oldest, largest, and tallest pyramid in all of Egypt. Another name for it is “The famous Great Pyramid of Cheops.”

In the days of old, is listed as one of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,” and today remains the only one of them. It was also the tallest building on earth for over 3800 years, until the building of the Eiffel tower in 1889. This pyramid was built for king Khafre, who was said to be the fourth of the eight kings of the fourth dynasty.

The pyramid of Giza is 481 feet tall and has each base 755.9 feet long the mass of the pyramid is said to be 5.9 million tons.

2. The Grand Canyon

This was discovered in 1858 by an American geologist named John Strong Newbery. Scientist appraises the Grand Canyon to have form when the Colorado River cut a channel through layers of rock over 5 to 6 million years ago.

The Grand Canyon is 446 km long, 29 km wide, and 1857 m deep. The Grand Canyon is said to be located in northern Arizona, USA.

3. Northern Lights

These are one of nature’s most beautiful natural light displayed in the sky. Another name for this is called “an Aurora.”

They are said to come about by the massive collision of gaseous particles in the earth’s atmosphere. This bombardment between the earth’s constituents results in the emitting of light of various colors.   Scientists discovered that this activity is said to take place every 11 years. Northern Lights can be seen in countries with high southern latitudes such as Argentina, Chile, Australia, and New Zeeland.

4. The Tunnel of Love

This is located in Klevan, Ukraine. It is said to be a single track of length 5 km long. This railroad connects Klevan with the Orzhevsk woodworking plant.

It was said to be formed when workers of the plant were not actively using the railroad and hence did not cut down the trees whose branches intertwined and formed the walls and the ceiling colorfully and neatly, which turned out to be what we have today.

5. Saturnia Thermal Springs

The name “Saturnia” adopted its name from a Roman god called Saturn. According to legend, the god Saturn grew sick and tired of the constant conflicts and wars between humans. He sent a thunderbolt to earth, which created a magical spring that had water, which was so warm that it would decrease humanity.

The Saturnia Thermal Spring is located in the province of Grosseto is a province in the Tuscany region of Italy.

6. Danxia Landform

These are beautiful landscapes that originate from sandstone and conglomerates in the southern part of China. They owe their colorful stripes from a resulting process that occurred on the surface of the Earth long after the ice age.

One of the most amazing features of the Danxia Landform is the various caves of different shapes and sizes. The Danxia landforms cover several areas in the southeast part of China, including the Fujian province.

7. Sequoia National Park

The Sequoia National Park was founded on the 25th of September, 1890. It was founded in order to protect the Giant Forest, which is said to have the tallest largest trees on earth.

The Sequoia National Park covers 404,064 acres of land. It is located in Tulare Country, California, USA.

8. Keukenhof Garden

This is also known as the Garden of Europe. It is a perfect example of nature’s beauty and excellence and is said to be the world’s biggest flower garden having over 7 million flower bulbs and 800 different types of tulips.

The Keukenhof Garden covers a land area of 32 hectares of the flower. The Keukenhof Garden also has a petting farm and playground, which poses a lot of fun for children. The Keukenhof Garden is located in Lisse, South Holland, Netherlands.

9. The Great Barrier Reef

This is the largest coral reef in the world. This great reef is listed as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It is composed of over 2500 individual reefs and over 750 islands.

This reef is an excellent breeding area for large aquatic animals, such as the humpback whale. It is also the habitat of a wide range of other marine life such as sea snakes, giant clams, seahorse, nudibranch, sharks, and even for species in the danger of going extinct, such as The Green Sea Turtle. The Great Barrier Reef stretches over an area of approximately 133,040 sq mi. The Great Reef located in Queensland in northeastern Australia.

10. Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, also known as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world, happens to be one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. It was described by the Kololo tribe as “Mosi-oa-Tunya” which meant “The Smoke that Thunders.” It has one of the fascinating views seen by the world.

The Victoria Falls first discovered by a British explorer named David Livingstone on the 16th of November 1885, after which the falls themselves started to attract tourists from all parts of the world. Victoria Falls was named after The Great Queen Victoria of Britain, hence its name. Victoria Falls is 1688 m wide,108 m tall, and has a flow rate of 1088 m3/s. Victoria Falls is located in the southern part of Africa at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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