10 Amazing Benefits of Almond Oil

Almond is not only a delicious nut, but the almond oil is proven to have amazing benefits for the skin. Here are the 10 amazing benefits of almond oil that you can use for everyday remedy.

1. Reduce dark circles

Most women rely on concealer to temporary hide dark circle around the eyes. But there is one circle that can reduce the dark circle naturally using almond oil. This natural oil is rich in vitamin E which is very beneficial to revitalize the skin. The vitamin E will reduce the presence of dark circle as well as puffiness in the eye.

2. Lip softener

There is nothing worse than chapped lips, especially when applying matte lipstick. Almond oil is a good emollient that can keep the lips soft and tender. Applying almond oil before bed can give soft lips in the morning.

3. Healthy nails

Almond oil is naturally rich in potassium and zinc which are beneficial to prevent nail breakage. Apply and gently massage almond oil in the nails and cuticles to keep them healthy. There will be no more issue of nails breakage.

4. Good for acne prone skin

Oily and sensitive skin can use almond oil to smooth the skin and kiss acne goodbye. Almond oil contains a fatty acid that can reduce sebum and unclog pores. This helps reduce the oil production in the face as well as reduce breakout and acne intensity.

5. Promote smooth skin

Almond oil is hypoallergenic and mild oil than can be used for any type of skin even on a baby. It is, in fact, the best massage oil for babies. The oil can get absorbed easily once it is rubbed on the skin which is suitable for smoothing the skin after bath. Some people find the smell of nutty in almond oil as a pleasant smell, but you can also mix it with essential oil. In addition, almond oil is rich in vitamin E which makes application of the oil can keep the skin smooth and supple.

6. Relieve psoriasis and eczema

Eczema and psoriasis is a condition which occurs because of the body’s reaction toward internal or external factor. It can cause dryness and itchiness in the skin. Scratching the skin can make the condition worse; the best remedy is to keep the skin supple and smooth by applying almond oil.

7. Fight aging signs

The fatty acid in almond oil is a magical substance that can slow the aging process. It repairs the skin cell and restores the tightness of the skin which results in dullness and wrinkle prevention. Almond oil can keep the skin supple and soft by locking the moisture level in the skin. Massage the skin with almond oil before bed for a youthful face that free from dullness and wrinkles within weeks.

8. Promote hair growth

Hair loss can be caused by lots of factors. Regular apply of almond oil in the scalp can reduce hair loss and also promote hair growth. You can also add some drops of almond oil for smoothie or salad to promote hair growth.

9. Long lashes

Regular apply almond oil in lashes can turn the eyelashes into dramatic long. The oil promotes longer lashes and nourishes them even without wearing mascara.

10. Hand and foot cream

Rough palms and cracked heels will never see the light of day with regular apply of almond oil. The fact that almond oil can keep the skin smooth and supple; you can also apply few drops of the oil and massage gently in the foot and palms.

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