Top 10 Theories of Bermuda Triangle Mystery

The humongous area of the Atlantic Ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda are known as the Bermuda Triangle. For over five decades, thousands of planes and ships have mysteriously disappeared and continue to do so when crossing over this area, even when there are no technical difficulties, natural disasters, human errors, or other equipment failures. Due to this mysterious disappearance, some theorists claim that there is a devil responsible for the mishaps. They also call it “The Devils Triangle.”

The bad reputation of the Bermuda Triangle started with Christopher Columbus. By his log of 8th October 1942, Christopher noticed that his compass was giving weird readings. The readings were spinning wildly and weren’t pointing to the magnetic north, as all text normally should. In 1964, Vincent H. Gaddis coined the term Bermuda Triangle in his magazine Argosy.

Top ten theories of the Bermuda Triangle:

The ten most popular theories behind the enigma of the Bermuda triangle are described below:

  1. Pirates: The occurrences of destruction at the magic waters of the Bermuda triangle point towards the presence of pirates. It is not strange to assume that pirates will choose to perform such illicit activities of hijacking ships on pieces of the ocean where people will cast the blame of disappearances on UFOs, methane gas eruption, and rogue waves.
  2. Methane gas theory: Methane is a natural gas that is proved to be less dense than H2O. Due to extremely low-density water, methane gas bubbles can sink the ship to the bottom, or allow the ocean to swallow the vessel wholly. This combustible gas can also travel upwards and ignite a plane’s engine, blowing up the plane to pieces and making it share the ship’s fate.
  3. UFO abductions: It is assumed that aliens reside in the bottoms of the Bermuda triangle and kidnap sails men, ships and hijack aircraft to research them.
  4. Rogue waves: The weather conditions in the Atlantic, majorly covering the area of Bermuda, are severe as the waves tend to go as high as 80 feet in open ocean areas. Destructive hurricanes and rogue waves tend to swallow ships and low flying aircraft, leaving no traces behind.
  5. Human mistakes: Similar looking islands, disastrous tropical weather, and swift currents on the Atlantic can all lead to ships and planes drifting away from the actual destination and, as a result, getting lost.
  6. The lost city of Atlantis: The dark secrets of the lost city of Atlantis suggest that the city lies alive in the depths of the Atlantis and is transmitting Herculean waves of energy, leading to the demolition of ships and planes.
  7. Geomagnetic energy fields: There have been several studies that suggest that magnetic variances in this area and exceptional. It is one of the two places on earth where true north and magnetic north line up. This can lead to variations in readings, and correct readings can never be judged.
  8. Electronic fog, the Hutchison effect: In several circumstances, it has been noticed that vessels and aircraft get surrounded by an electronic fog that sticks to the plane or ship, and eventually leads to the malfunctioning of the engine, and thereby its destruction.
  9. Gulf Stream variations: A gulf stream, which is like a river, can quickly move a plane or ship off course. Moreover, some of the deepest trenches are located in the Atlantic Ocean, which can swallow the vessel wholly without leaving traces.
  10. Sheer myth: The most significant explanation for the mystery of the Bermuda triangle are the superstitions and old tales that led to unwanted attention towards the topic. According to many researchers, the claims of disaster in Bermuda did not even occur in that region.

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