12 Ways to Exercise Your Brain

A healthy mind leads to healthy body it is very essential to have a healthy and sharp mind in order to live a healthy life. It is a logical thing that a machine which does not work for months will stop working forever, the case with mind is pretty same if you want to make your mind sharp and healthy then you must need to use it properly and regularly. It is very popular old saying about mind is that ‘Use it or lose it’ it defines the fact in few words that use your mind if you don’t want to lose your mind. The Einstein and Newton was not the angel they were regular users of their minds that’s why they rocked with their amazing brains. The proper exercise is equally essential for your body and mind it will keep you healthy and active both physically and mentally. Here are some basic and simple exercises for your brains which can really help to make your brain sharp and active.

1. Play Strategy Games

It is the very important and simple way to make your mind active, make a routine and play strategy games. It will help to explore new things and will allow to your mind to get active and sharp. Try to solve next mission and make the game interesting for yourself. Take a good care of your score and make celebration when you complete a mission it will make you motivated and you will never get bore.

2. Avoid To Use Calculator

There is no doubt that calculator makes the stuff easy for you but it is very necessary to throw your calculator away if you want to make your mind sharp. Always make the calculation with your own mind while solving mathematics question or if you are going to calculate any other thing. It will make your mind active.

3. Increase Your Vocabulary

A good stock of vocabulary will help to improve your conversation and will you make your views and thinking more affective. Read the different books or use different online websites to get new vocabulary words make a routine to increase at least 10 words in one day it will make a huge difference after one month.

4. Close Your Eyes

It is very simple exercise when you go to take bath or to wash your mouth close your eyes and try to pick up soap or face wash and try to open the shower. While closing your eyes your full concentration will be on washing your mouth or taking bath and your brain will start working instead of your eyes it will help to start your brain working. Try this method every day and you will see a big difference in few days when you will be able to pick up soap easily while closing your eyes.

5. Read Books With Other Language

Find some foreign books it is better to find a Chinese book and try to read to read don’t worry I am not asking you to learn Chinese. Try to read and imagine the meanings of book in your mind it does not matter your imagination is right or wrong. Just make yourself believe that your imagination is right.

6. Concentrate On Nature

The nature is very complex it is not easy to understand it even the scientist and other well educated people are still trying to understand it. So go outside when you get a free time and look the nature with full concentration your mind will ask many question from you in this way you can make a proper exercise of your mind.

7. Change Your Hand Style

There are two kinds of people according to their hand style one left handed and second right handed if you are a left hander and you do every stuff with left hand then switch your left hand to right hand for one day. Do every stuff with your right hand you will get puzzle but keep it going it will force your mind to get active.

8. Play Chess

Chess is really amazing game to make you sharp and active it is a strategy game if you know how to play this game then you have a best chance you to make your mind sharp. Find a partner who is expert in Chess if you can’t find a perfect competitor then go to online and find there I am sure you will find perfect competitor. Give it one hour a day and you will see a positive change in your personality also you will see how it changes your thinking way.

9. Listen Music

Music is very essential for the satisfaction of soul while listing music you will be in other world. This world is a world of imagination the different thinking will appear in your mind while listening music let these thinking come. Further repeat the lyrics after listening it will help to increase your memory level.

10. Be Creative

Always make your stuff creative and look different from other there is a shell which you need to be break otherwise your brain will be dead. You can’t make anything creative unless you think outside the box. You can make yourself creative by joining the art classes or by learning online from different instructors.

11. Try To Learn New Things

Don’t make yourself bound to your routine work try to thinking differently make new experiments and learn new things in this way you can make your brain active. You can start learning music, art, graphic designing, or any other stuff which is not related to your business or job.

12. Keep Changing Routes

Don’t always adopt the same route while traveling always keep changing router it will make your brain puzzle and will force your brain for thinking. Don’t use GPS to find your destination find the ways by yourself and put a pressure on your mind to make it active.

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