12 Amazing Facts About Bees

We all love the brown sweet thing that we call honey. However, not all of us like the presence of the bees as the sting is not a pleasant thing. Honey is produced by the buzzing insects, but do you know that there is so much more than that about bees.

1. The stings are beneficial

Stung by a bee is always painful, but it actually beneficial to prevent HIV. The toxin in the bee sting which is called melittin is recently found to prevent HIV. In addition, bee sting is also found to ease rheumatoid arthritis pain. A study found out that molecules found out in bee venom can increase the glucocorticoid level in the body which is a kind of anti-inflammatory hormone.

2. Bees change medicine

In order to strengthen the hives, bees utilize the resin from evergreen tree and poplar which is known as propolis. It is a kind of glue for the beehive; but human use it as a substances to fight viruses, fungi, and bacteria. It is also beneficial to treat sore throat, herpes, cavities, cold sores, and much more.

3. Honey bees do not usually die after sting something

Some of us believe that bees will die after sting humans, but they do not always die when sting other things. When they sting human, the stingers somehow gets stuck in human flesh which makes them harm themselves. However, this not always happens when they sting other animals.

4. They work very hard

During the coldeematical problem season, bees can live for approximately nine months and six weeks during summer. In simple, bees will work themselves to death.

5. They able to solve maths

Bees are able to find the routes to find the flowers. Imagine that you have to visit six stores for grocery shopping; your brain will definitely search for the shortest distances first. Bees also use the same method to find the shortest route first.

6. Bees define their jobs based on age

The amazing bee fact is that they divide their job based on the age. For example 1-2 days old bee get the cleaning cells job, the 3-5 days old bees feed the older larvae, and so on.

7. Bees are cold blooded

The fact that bees are cold blooded insect; they have the ability to deliver the heat to keep themselves warm. If bees are caught in rain, water, and the like; it will make them difficult to move.

8. Changing the queen means that they change the behavior and personality of the colony

The bees are controlled by a queen; therefore, changing the queen will also make the changes in their personality and behavior.

9. Bees know that the queen dies from the smell

If a queen bee is died; the bee colony will know by the smell because they cannot smell her pheromones.

10. Bees need caffeine to buzz

Similar to human, bees get natural cocaine from flowers which help them buzz and also help them remember the flower location. This increases the chance to return.

11. Queen bee can live for about 5 years

While the worker bees can live up to nine months in cold season; however, the queen bee can live for about 5 years. The main role of queen bees is to feel the beehive with eggs.

12. The bee brain is only the size of sesame seed

The bee brain is only the size of sesame seed and shaped in oval, but it has amazing capacity to remember and learn things.

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  1. Yesterday, I got stung by a bee and it hurt a lot! However, I had no idea that it could possibly help me with my arthritis. Yet, is there a way for me to get access to the bee venom without having to get stung so painfully?

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